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Concrete Underlay

Slab onground construction requires that a branded concrete underlay or vapour barrier is used to prevent moisture vapour or groundwater penetration into the concrete slab. AS/NZS 2870 requires that such products meet a minimum requirement of thickness and strength.

CAgroup offers both Medium and High Impact Concrete Underlay.

CAgroup products are recognised for their quality and compliance with both Australian standards (AS 2870 and AS2904) and the Builders Code of Australia (BCA).

Vapour Barriers and Damp-Proofing membranes are required to conform to:

  • Material type – must be polyethylene
  • Continuous branding – the manufacturer’s and distributor’s name, trademark or code;
  • Film thickness – in accordance with AS/NZS4347.9
  • Medium Impact resistance – in accordance with AS4347.6
  • High Impact resistance – in accordance with AS4347.6
  • Puncture and Moisture penetration.

Industrial Film

Industrial film products are produced in varying widths, thicknesses and colours. There are a wide variety of industries and applications using high quality CA Group Industrial Building Films.

CAgroup offers all types of industrial film, including – Black, Orange, Natural and Handy Rolls

Safety Data Sheet

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