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Joist and bearer protection for a fraction of the build cost, add years to the life of your deck substructure by protecting your joists and bearers with Nichigo G-Tape Innovative Pressure-sensitive Tape.

Nichigo G-Tape features a patented combination of solvent acrylic adhesive with an advanced backing substrate, making it the premium solution for extending the life of bearers and joists used in outdoor decks and most other building applications.

Nichigo G-Tape sets itself apart from the industry with a patented acrylic adhesive and woven cloth substrate. The acrylic adhesive not only provides high adhesion strength, but is also repositionable without leaving a sticky residue or losing adhesion. The cloth substrate is woven in a way that means Nichigo G-Tape is straight-line hand tearable every time.

The adhesive on Nichigo G-Tape has a negative charge.  Steel nails and screws have a positive charge.  The adhesive is attracted to the steel and then seeps into the surface imperfections of the substrate host to make a seal for all round moisture protection after curing.


Throughout installation, Nichigo G-Tape is easily detached and repositioned.  Simply lift the tape, smooth out any wrinkles and flatten back out for a clean application without any loss of adhesion.

Nichigo G-Tape can withstand freezing temperatures as low as -40°C to an incredible 93°C maximum to help your joists, windows and doors last their longest no matter how extreme the weather.

Nichigo G-Tape is available in 20 metre rolls and in the widths of 50mm and 100mm to accommodate joists and beams.


  • Adds years to the life of your deck substructure
  • No primer required
  • Easy to detach from itself or substrate being application too and repositioned
  • Hand tearable, no screws, nails or cutting tools required
  • Can be replaced without leaving any sticky residue
  • The ultimate surface protection
  • Compatible with building sealants: Nichigo G-Tape is inert against sealant polymers, synthetic rubber compound, polyurethane, and silicone
  • Available in 20 metre rolls in the widths of 50mm 100m


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