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Scrap Lead/Non-Ferrous Metal

CAgroup (formerly Consolidated Alloys) is Australia’s recycler of lead and tin based metals. We purchase a wide variety of metal products which might otherwise go to landfill and reprocess these in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. Our main site at Thomastown is an EPA regulated site with the strictest controls on emissions. In recycling these products we are helping in a small way to preserve the scarce natural resources of our planet.

Below is a list of some of the products which we purchase and reprocess. Please contact us if you have these or other similar metals for sale or if you need advice or assistance in their disposal.

  • Lead scrap – such as sheet, sheathing, wheel weights, containers etc
  • Tin scrap – such as granules, wine bottle tops, ingot etc
  • Solder scrap – such as solder dross, solder drips, sticks, ingot etc
  • Bearing metals
  • Type metals
  • New/ used lead anode blades
  • Toll conversion

We can offer

  • Collection
  • Prompt Payment

Guaranteed destruction of sensitive material

Safety Data Sheet

We have offices across Australia and New Zealand and can work with you in markets across the world