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Svenic Grouting Gun

Developed for repointing brick and masonry joints, the pointing and grouting gun is now supplied with a second nozzle for filling fine joints and tile-grouting.

Easy to Use – simply fill the jointing material into the open end of the barrel and then dispense it through the nozzle. High Quality Joints – injecting the grout deep into the joint provides a superior finish with reduced possibility of voids. Greater Efficiency – applying the grout where you want it results in less mess, less waste and much shorter cleaning times. The Pointing and Grouting Gun is designed for effortless dispensing with a powerful, 12:1 rigger mechanism and ergonomically contoured hand grips. Also, a robust steel and aluminium construction with case hardened drive components provide strength and durability.

Note: Mortars containing “sharp sand” or coarse aggregates will not flow under pressure. Use only free-flowing or specialty mortars that contain high grade, “soft” sand.

Product features:

  1. Barrels made from standard rainwater downpipe for inexpensive replacement.
  2. Choice of taper fit nozzles – black for pointing and other wide joints; grey for tile grouting and narrow joints.
  3. Rubber plunger sandwiched between steel washes is adjustable for optimum fit in barrel.
  4. High thrust trigger mechanism with contoured hand grips provide easier dispensing and reduced operator fatigue.
  5. Patented Wear Compensating Device eliminates free-play in trigger for 100% working action throughout the life of the gun.
  6. Plunger rod and other drive components are case hardened for long life.
  7. Projection welded steel frame, finished in tough epoxy paint finish for high strength, durability and corrosion resistance.

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