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Oct 07 , 2019

For centuries lead sheet has been the material of choice to protect buildings from the effects of weather. It can be found in use on roofs, around windows and in gutters. Lead doors and windows can also be seen in churches, cathedrals and residential homes, doors and windows for centuries and have utilised lead in means of leadlight providing decorative and historical window facades, accentuating character and charm to many structures.

In Australia, lead is used within building and construction industries and has proven to be one of the strongest and long lasting metals there is. In fact, if installed correctly lead can even outlast the building to which it was fitted to. This outstanding longevity is a pure example of the beauty of lead sheet and proves that it is a truly environmentally friendly material.

Despite the misconceptions about lead as being out dated and old-fashioned, this belief couldn’t be further from the truth. Not only is lead used in the restoration of roofs in historical buildings but, lead is proving to be the bespoke product of choice amongst Australian Architects, due to lead’s longevity and that is it more aesthetically pleasing.

Below are some more facts associated with using lead sheet to help further cement why lead is a truly beautiful product for construction and building projects.

  • Lead’s is superior in its durability compared to other man-made products and its long life means it’s more economical due to saving on maintenance and restoration costs from wear and tear.
  • Lead is extremely flexible and can be used on building sites and domestic roofs and can be moulded and shaped to even the trickiest corners, ensuring the job is perfectly done every time!
  • Lead is 100% recycled and has the lowest carbon footprint of all hard material so there is no doubt about it being good for the environment.
  • Lead’s strong barrier makes it sound resistant making the structure a little more quieter
  • Lead is radiation resistant which is significant to the physical integrity of the structure and offers insulation properties regardless of the flashings position.

Lead is an outstanding building material when it comes to roofing and its properties has so many benefits, demonstrating the beauty of lead for your next construction or building project.

CA group is a major supplier of lead products to a variety of hardware stores and pride themselves in offering high quality products and service to their clients.

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