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Ubiflex Extreme

Waterproof flashing

Easy to install at extreme low temperatures

Superb performance at extreme high temperatures

Ubiflex Extreme is a high-quality waterproof flashing material made of aluminium reinforced silicone. It has been developed for quick and easy installation and to withstand harsh weather conditions keeping its superb product

benefits and installation features.

Product features

  • Suitable for all flashing applications
  • Remains strong and durable in a wide temperature range: – 30°C / + 180°C (-22°F / + 356°F)
  • Does not soften, melt, evaporate or become brittle due to harsh weather conditions
  • Good wind uplift resistance
  • UV-resistant
  • Inert to common building materials eg. metals, wood, cement
  • No staining effect on building surfaces

Installation benefits

  • Quicker installation than any other flashing product
  • Easy to dress into shape by hand and bossing tools
  • Easy to cut with scissors or knife
  • No health risks such as lead poisoning or risks associated with lifting heavy materials
  • Applicable in long lengths without expansion joints
  • Both colour sides can be applied as upside surface, so always two colours at hand


  • Use undamaged bossing tools
  • Avoid pressure load by sharp objects (e.g. tile notches)
  • Repairs can be carried out with a neutral silicone sealant
  • Maximum working length without joints = full length of roll
  • Avoid foot traffic when installing valley lining or use a protection board
  • Ubiflex Extreme can be joined by overlapping length by 100 mm and joining using a neutral silicone
  • In areas subject to high wind load it is recommended to use tile clips or glue flashing to dry clean tiles with a neutral silicone

Free edges in exposed areas could be glued on a dry and clean surface with a neutral silicone sealant. If not possible or not desired one can use dry installation methods like clipping or folding.

If Ubiflex Extreme is likely to come in contact with aggressive chemicals during maintenance or other work, first test on a piece of material before proceeding. If in doubt contact your reseller.

If further information is required please contact your reseller.

Quality statement:

Designed and manufactured in accordance with AS/NZS 2904:1995 – damp-proof courses and flashings.

CSIRO tested in accordance with AS/NZS 4347.1&4 for damp-proof courses of flashing – methods of testing– determination of water permeability& determination of pliability.

Application: flashings and damp-proof courses

Classification: Exposed

Certified as complying under the ISO 9001 Certification Scheme and audited by Lloyds Register LRQA

Technical Data Sheet

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