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D-lead Hygiene Products


D-Wipe towels provide convenient, portable, one-step cleaning and metal removal at yo...

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Test Kits

D-Lead Lead Detection Kits are a ready to use test that quickly detect the presence o...

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D-Step™ Mats can remove as much as 98% of contaminants from the bottom of shoes and...

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Plumber Hand Wash

Description Plumbers Handwash provides efficient, quick removal of heavy metal dus...

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Respirator & Laundry Soap

D-Lead Respirator and Laundry Detergent is a concentrated, low-sudsing, phosphate fre...

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Hand Soap

D-Lead Hand Soap provides efficient, quick removal of heavy metal dusts and contamina...

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Wet & Dry Skin Cleaner

D-Lead Dry or Wet Skin Cleaner enables efficient and quick removal of heavy metals, p...

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Bodywash and Shampoo

D-Lead Deluxe Body Wash and Shampoo removes heavy metal dusts, contaminants and lubri...

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Equipment & All Purpose cleaner

D-Lead All Purpose Cleaner is a multi-purpose, concentrated, low-sudsing, phosphate f...

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