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Garden Edging Pegs

Garden edging pegs are made for use with our Garden Edging. Strong, durable and UV...

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Garden Edging

Garden Edging ensures that your garden stays looking great. It provides a sturdy barr...

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Universal Bonding Agent Australian made since 1951, this versatile Bonding & S...

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Willows Timber Preserve

Willows Timber preserver is an excellent replacement for creosote. Being a non dryin...

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DESCRIPTION: A clear plastic liquid type curing compound for concrete. USES: ...

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DESCRIPTION: A specially formulated liquid mortar admixture for cement and cement ...

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Lead Window Weights

Lead Window Weights Do you need effective counter weights on sliding sash windows an...

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Spirit of Salts

Diggers Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) - (Spirits of Salts) is a solution of hydrogen chlori...

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