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D-lead Hygiene Products


D-Wipe towels provide convenient, portable, one-step cleaning and metal removal at yo...

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Test Kits

D-Lead Lead Detection Kits are a ready to use test that quickly detect the presence o...

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D-Step™ Mats can remove as much as 98% of contaminants from the bottom of shoes and...

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Plumber Hand Wash

Description Plumbers Handwash provides efficient, quick removal of heavy metal dus...

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Respirator & Laundry Soap

D-Lead Respirator and Laundry Detergent is a concentrated, low-sudsing, phosphate fre...

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Hand Soap

D-Lead Hand Soap provides efficient, quick removal of heavy metal dusts and contamina...

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Wet & Dry Skin Cleaner

D-Lead Dry or Wet Skin Cleaner enables efficient and quick removal of heavy metals, p...

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Bodywash and Shampoo

D-Lead Deluxe Body Wash and Shampoo removes heavy metal dusts, contaminants and lubri...

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Equipment & All Purpose cleaner

D-Lead All Purpose Cleaner is a multi-purpose, concentrated, low-sudsing, phosphate f...

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D-LEAD – Lead Hygiene

Heavy metals such as lead are highly toxic. Tiny fragments can be inhaled or accidentally ingested, accumulating in the body over time and causing a wide range of health problems. This can be prevented with sufficient care and cleaning. At CAGroup, we offer D-LEAD products that can help you maintain excellent lead hygiene and minimise your exposure to harmful heavy metals.

What We Offer

You should never underestimate the danger of working with lead and other heavy metals. D-LEAD products are highly effective at removing heavy metals of all kinds, ensuring you and your employees are safe from contaminants.

Our range of lead hygiene products from D-LEAD include:

  • Wipes – Lifts, removes and safely holds multiple layers of heavy metal contaminants from the skin. Suitable for even the most extreme conditions.
  • Test Kits – Detects the presence of heavy metals on skin and other surfaces within seconds via visible discoloration.
  • Mats – Removes contaminants from shoes and cart wheels. Ideal for locker rooms, lunch rooms and other clean rooms.
  • Hand Wash – A mild and fast acting skin care solution that reduces contamination. Ideal to use anywhere rinse water can be accessed at any moment.
  • Laundry Soap – A detergent that can eliminate heavy metal particles from shirts, pants, aprons, lab coats, gloves and more.
  • Wet & Dry Skin Cleaner – A biodegradable and chemically safe cleaner that thoroughly removes lead from the skin with or without the use of water.
  • Bodywash and Shampoo – A mild skin and hair cleaning formula that quickly decontaminates the entire body. Ideal for use in showers and sinks.
  • All-Purpose Cleaner – Ideal for cleaning concrete, carpet and various surfaces where lead and other heavy metal contaminants have accumulated.

Find Out More about Lead Hygiene Today

Contact the specialists at CAGroup today for more information about lead hygiene. We can answer your questions and provide helpful advice to ensure you maintain the highest standard of hygiene when it comes to lead in order to prevent contamination.

We have offices across Australia and New Zealand and can work with you in markets across the world