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Electroplating Anodes


Anodes for General Electroplating

Electroplating of zinc requires high purity zinc anode.

CA Group is an Australian Manufacturer of zinc ball, slug and slab.

Zinc balls and Slugs are used in all types of zinc electrolyte:

  • Acid Zinc
  • Cyanide Zinc
  • Non-cyanide Zinc

Whatever your process, you can achieve excellent dissolution of anode and optimum plating using our locally manufactured anode.

As an added bonus, our zinc anodes boast 100% Australian Content.

Packaging is in 15kg cartons – for easy handling.

CA Group produces custom sized zinc slab anodes. Our foundry is well equipped to give fast turnaround times.

Copper electroplating, from acid copper electrolytes, relies on anodes that

  • form a uniform film
  • will dissolve cleanly
  • without forming sludge or particulates

Copper balls (27mm dia) are supplied in 20kg cartons for your convenience.

Product Specification is available on request.

During electroplating of NICKEL, the metal is obtained from either chips, rounds pellets or rods. The plater chooses the nickel type according to the electrolyte chemistry, physical constraints and personal preference.

CA Group supplies anode material in a variety of formats:

  • S-Nickel Rounds
  • P-Nickel Chips
  • R-Nickel Rounds
  • Electrolytic Squares
  • Pure rod and sheet
No Product Available.

We have offices across Australia and New Zealand and can work with you in markets across the world