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CA Group manufacture a range of type metals as well as wire rope socketting metal.

These are produced for the printing and lifting industries.


  • *4 Sn/11 Sb/85
    Pb Lino Typemetal Bars
  • *5 Sn/11 Sb/84
    Pb Lino Typemetal Bars
  • 5 Sn/15 Sb/80 Pb
    Socketting Metal Ingot (5Kg Notched Ingots)

*NOTE: Minimum manufacturing quantities 100Kg

The Lino Typemetal is supplied in 8.5Kg segmented bars suitable for Ludlow Automatic Machines Monotype 6 Sn/14 Sb/80 Pb and Foundry Type 12 Sn/23 Sb/65 Pb available by special order


Typemetals are used in traditional hot-metal printing processes.

Socketting metal is for locking wire ropes to end sockets for lifting slings and wire stay cables.

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