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A clear plastic liquid type curing compound for concrete.


Sprayable Curing Compound for concrete which retards moisture evaporation.


Low costs, render or floor adhesives. Promotes increased strength.


Concrete surfaces shall be cured by a liquid membrane Curing Compound such as Curit, as supplied by Sternson Chemicals Pty Ltd and applied in accordance with the manufacturer’s printed instructions.

  • FLASH POINT: Non – Flammable.
  • RECOMMENDED One full coat until a continuous, uniform film
  • PACKAGING: 20 Litre and 205 litre drums.


Curit is applied to floors following the final finishing operation, as soon as the surface has hardened sufficiently to prevent marking and before it starts to dry. Curit should be applied to vertical concrete surfaces following the final finishing operation and after the water sheen has disappeared from the concrete surface.

  • EQUIPMENT: Low pressure spray or soft brush.
  • THINNING: Not required.
  • TEMPERATURE: Curit may be applied at all temperatures.
  • DRYING TIME: Dries rapidly in approximately one and a half hours at 25 degrees Celsius to form a tough and resilient colorless membrane.
  • COVERAGE: Coverage of Curit will vary depending on the texture of the concrete surface. Approximate coverage’s are:
    • Steel Trowelled Surface: 7 square metre/litre.
    • Wood Floated Surface: 6 square metre/litre.
  • CLEANING: Water.

Safety Data Sheet

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