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Acryflash® is the new roof flashing from CAgroup.

Manufactured in Melbourne Australia, CAgroup has been supplying the leading coated lead flashing in the Australian market for over 19 years. After undergoing extensive modification, trialling and testing during 2008, the results of Acryflash® are extremely significant.

Acryflash® is now the most cost effective roof flashing available on the Australian market, following a number of reductions in material costs.


Flashings – particularly on roof applications around penetrations and gables on buildings.

Acryflash® allows you to improve the look of exposed flashing by finish coating to match the roof or surrounding material. Acryflash® has a primer coating.

It can be top coated using a conventional acrylic house paint to improve the appearance of your flashing and to maximise the protection that Acryflash® provides.

Safety Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet

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