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Roof Flashings

Pipe Flashings – Plain Lead

CA Group manufactures a range of lead collars. The lead collar has the malleability a...

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Pipe Flashings – Acryflash

CA Group manufactures a range of acryflash collars. The acryflash collar has the mall...

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Ubiflex Extreme

Waterproof flashing Easy to install at extreme low temperatures Superb performa...

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Sheet Lead

Coming Soon......

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One-on-One double-sided sealing tape

One on One® Heavy Duty Double Sided Sealing Tape Butyl moisture sealant Sticks...

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Byute Flash

Byute Flash® Flashing Tape is aluminium foil coated with thick butyl adhesive used f...

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Zinc Flashing

Zinc flash is a 99.95% pure, uncoated zinc flashing. Applications Particularly ...

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Weatherflash – Aluminium Flashing

Weatherflash is a fully annealed, 99% pure, uncoated aluminium flashing. It is imperv...

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Acryflash® is the new roof flashing from Consolidated Alloys. Manufactured in Mel...

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